Abstraction A simplification of something much more complicated that is going on under the covers. As it turns out, a lot of computer programming consists of building abstractions. What is a string library? It’s a way to pretend that computers can manipulate strings just as easily as they can manipulate numbers. What is a file system? It’s a way to pretend that a hard drive isn’t really a bunch of spinning magnetic platters that can store bits at certain locations, but rather a hierarchical system of folders-within-folders containing individual files that in turn consist of one or more strings of bytes.

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DevOps DevOps is a cultural sensibility. It’s a unified, metrics based approach to making software efficiently and fearlessly using as much automation as possible.


Expression A fragment of code that produces a value is called an expression.


Higher Order Functions Functions that operate on other functions, either by taking them as arguments or by returning them..

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Service Any processes, functionality, or data that must be discoverable and available over a network.


Transaction A transaction is a set of one or more statements that is executed as a unit, so either all of the statements are executed, or none of the statements is executed.

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Why you may want to manage your own transactions is to maintain the integrity of your business processes. For example, if a customer places an order for some merchandise, the information you’d need to store for that order would include a list of items to purchase, billing and shipping information, and an authorized credit card charge. This information would likely be stored in several different tables. Without a manually managed transaction, it’s possible to enter part of the order, and then the system fails. The rest of the order information is then lost.

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Transaction Level Dirty Read A transaction with an isolation level that allows for dirty reads implies that within that transaction you can see changes to data not yet committed by other transactions.

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